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Working in an artists community

When I happen to be the first to arrive at the studio that day, I’ll walk by artists’ studios, staying along the aisle and observing the shelves stocked with artwork in various stages of completion.

There’s a stillness to the place that is lit by the morning sun and shines on forms molded by hands, turned on a wheel, created with a brush, covered with wax or paint or glaze. Better than meditation, this brief but cherished moment puts life into perspective, all of it.

These forms are living entities imbued with grace, elegance, whimsy, irony, anger, lust, greed, sorrow. Once you know to look, it is a gratifying realm to see. Sometimes I forget to look, to pay attention, but then I know where to find it again.

Cindy Barnard

Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Writer