November 26
2016 by

Running with Scissors Artists Studios

Often when I walk into the studio and I happen to be the first to arrive that day, I’ll walk along the aisle of the artists studios or the shelves stocked with artwork in various stages of completion.

There’s a stillness to the place that is lit by the morning sun and shines on forms molded by hands, turned on a wheel, created with a brush, covered with wax or paint or glaze.

These forms are living entities imbued with grace, elegance, whimsy, irony, anger, lust, greed, sorrow. Once you know to look, it is a gratifying realm to see. Sometimes I forget to look, to pay attention, but then I know where to find it again.


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Coming through this space I see the life within us humans, and see the talents and inventiveness in which we are given.

And here in this stillness there is something else, a conversation, an imagination of communication beyond spoken word – as moving as the hallelujah chorus or as lively as a zoo. There are creatures from all walks, from elephants, tigers, and cats, to fish and lures for fishing; from octopus, roosters, horses to torsos, breasts, and sassy creamers.