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Book Design and Desktop Publishing: Working in the spaces between Graphic Design and Book Publishing is the Book Designer. As your book designer I work with you to decide who, what, and how to print your book.

If you’re reading this description, you are likely interested in self-publishing since the traditional route will entail an entirely different process. But we can discuss both options. And if self-publishing works for you, we can begin the process of creating your photo or art book.

Design and layout for both cover and interior pages will be discussed. And importantly, I’ll ensure you meet all labeling standards and layout specifications. Also important is how you want to promote your book. We’ll discuss all the issues for a great design and an effective web strategy.

Consider a photo book or art book to extend your artist vision and share with your community.

Promotional Design for your next brochure, poster, or publication.

View examples of graphic design projects.

Contact me today about your graphic design or book design project.

Archival Inkjet Printing

Archival Inkjet Printing (or Pigment Inkjet Printing) provides archival quality prints with a lightfastness ratings of up to 200 years.

My printing process is primarily for small print projects to archive your work or for prints and limited editions for e-commerce and event sales (prints up to 24″ x 36″).

I also print promotional material such as posters, event cards, and greeting cards.

Using your original artwork as reference, I deliver a quality print that matches tone and color.

If you’re providing a digital file for print, additional consultation may be needed to produce a final print. And if the original artwork isn’t available, a quality print or reference of the work should be provided.

With my many years of Photoshop experience I provide a professional fine art print that captures your original creation.

Back Cove Studio will reproduce your artwork and provide quality, archival prints. View some of my work printed on my new Epson inkjet printer.

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