Fine Art Reproduction
(2D artwork and print media)

A professional reproduction of your work can be used to make quality prints for events and online sales, as well as for printed marketing material. See examples of my Fine Art Reproduction work.

Included in the reproduction is a high-resolution image that’s been tonally balanced and colors assessed on a calibrated monitor to match as closely as possible. Add an additional service for a web version of the image suitable for online submittals to juried exhibits, calls-for-entry, and online marketing strategies.

If you’re interested in prints of the reproduction, I provide print services using an archival inkjet printer. For details about my printing process and matching your original work, see the section below: Archival Inkjet Printing. If you need assistance working with another service provider, I can help provide the best possible image using specifications available through the provider.

Fine Art Reproductions up to 24 x 36 at 300dpi (a standard printable resolution). Digital capture for larger artwork is available and pricing is based on a per project basis.

Photo Reproductions
& Digital Restoration

Photo Reproductions: Among my services at Back Cove Studio is the process to reproduce your photographs – whether from the family album, snapshots taken on an outing with friends, or a collection of pictures from a memorable holiday.

With printed photo reproductions you can give copies to others, display a larger size, and preserve the original photo (and a print) for safekeeping.

Digital Restoration: Need a photo digitally restored? Provide your old, antique, or damaged photo and have it digitally restored to bring the image back to picture perfect. Free 30 minute consultations.

The largest acceptable photo for reproduction and/or restoration at this time is 8×10. Note that photo reproductions can often be printed about twice size (as an example: an 8 x 10 photo reproduction can be printed at original size and up to 18 x 24 maintaining a printable resolution).

Archival Inkjet Printing

Pigment Inkjet Printing provides archival quality prints. My printing process is primarily for small print projects to archive your work or have prints made for e-commerce and event sales (prints up to 24″ x 36″).

Using your original artwork as reference, I deliver a quality print of the work with matching tones and colors. If the original artwork isn’t available, a quality print of the work may be provided. And with my many years of Photoshop experience I provide a professional fine art print that captures the essence of your original creation.

If you’re providing a digital file, additional consultation is required to produce a final print. Consider having Back Cove Studio reproduce your original artwork and also make prints to save you time and expense. View some of my work printed on my new archival inkjet printer.

Tabletop & Still Life Photography

Artist: Lisa B. Evans

Tabletop Photography: I offer product photography for small products — from commercial pieces to handmade, one-of-a-kind artwork. Use these images for print and online marketing, and for e-commerce.

Still Life Photography: To boost interest in your pieces, add still-life images to highlight a product line or artwork series. Still-life images help inform your audience about all of your offerings, and generates sustained interest. Free consultations available (up to 30 minutes). View Tabletop Photography Work.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design: …for brand ID, promotional material, and publications. View examples of content development and graphic design.

Desktop Publishing and Layout Services are other options here at Back Cove Studio for your next brochure, poster, or publication.

Utilize your new images and integrate original content to develop your own unique informational piece. Sending this work to your audience will build lasting relationships.

Additional Services

Content Development and Website Management: For some artists, having a one-stop option at Back Cove Studio to update and/or manage their website is valuable. My career as a website designer and editor is often utilized to help small businesses and artists with this service, especially after they’ve just created new digital files of their artwork, fine handcrafted work, or commercial products. My website experience is mostly with WordPress, but I also work with website builders like SquareSpace and Shopify.

In addition, when it comes to managing images and photos, we know how difficult it is to keep an efficient system that’s easy to use and remember. If you need image and photo management, let me help.

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