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The journey of artone comment

My fine art study was in painting and design. And I wonder why sometimes considering I spent more of my time in the foundry. It was a great experience – pouring bronze and iron, throwing pots and trying to maintain a reduction firing in my kiln. I enjoyed it all and saw so many possibilities...

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Winter Crossing

It’s winter now, but not for long. Snow has fallen and melted away, and many think it will not snow again. Daylight Savings Time started today. It arrives earlier each year it seems to me. This time it is an entire week before the spring equinox. Our winter this year was mild, too mild. Usually...

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Spring Fest in Old Port

Portland, Maine’s first outdoor festival is just around the corner, the Old Port Festival. Here are images from last year’s event. While the festival is a combination of music, food, and kid’s activities – it’s also provides a tremendous range of artwork and mediums. Old Port Festival Sunday, June 12, 2016 11am — 5pm

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