The kernel of an idea began forming when I worked in an artists studio. Being one of the photographers in the studio, I was often asked to assist with art reproduction. Combine that with my years of experience as a graphic designer and I saw connections.

Artists and businesses need art reproductions and original images, and then they need to put these images to use in print or on the web.

And so I established Back Cove Studio.

My goal here is two-fold:

–– Help artists reproduce their work or capture images of their handmade crafts and help people restore and reproduce treasured photos.

–– And then once this work is complete, offer services to create promotional pieces, develop publications like art books or photo books, and make prints. Check out more details about my services.

I also try to post my latest photographs and artwork, and attempt to keep a journal. When I have time aside from my regular writing assignments, I enjoy writing posts about the process of making art.

Contact me today about your photography and design projects.
_Cindy Barnard, Back Cove Studio
photographer, graphic designer

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