With a background in painting and photography, and a career as a web editor and graphic designer, I offer a wide range of insight.

My goal at Back Cove Studio is help other artists realize their work in print, help people reproduce treasured photos, and help artists and small businesses with tabletop and still life photography. And in addition, having a one-stop solution to assist with website content and graphic design projects is also important for many clients. So with my experience in these areas, I offer services to update a website or develop publications and promotional materials. Check out more details about my services.

I continually post my latest photographs, and I also try to keep a journal. When I have time aside from my regular writing assignments, I enjoy writing posts about community events, local culture, and the process of making art.

Contact me today about your photography projects.
_Cindy Barnard, Back Cove Studio
writer, web editor, photographer