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Back Cove Studio

Fine Art Reproduction
Digital Photo Restoration

Tabletop & Still Life
Product Photography

Graphic Design:
Photo Books | Inkjet Printing

Fine Art Reproduction

Artist: Lisa Houck

It’s crucial to have high-quality digital files of your original work. You can utilize these files to produce press-ready images for prints and/or promotional material, for e-commerce, and for your archives.

Digital Photo Restoration

Digital Restoration

Restore and reproduce your favorite photos. Give copies to family and friends, store a copy for safekeeping, and display your cherished photo at home or work.

Tabletop & Still Life Photography

Artist: Lisa B. Evans

…tabletop and still-life product photography for commercial pieces and fine handcrafted work.

Graphic Design

Photo & Art Book Design/Publication, Archival Inkjet Printing

Once you have quality digital files of your work at hand, Back Cove Studio can help you produce a Photo Book or Art Book or print limited edition archival inkjet prints.


You may have seen some of my work at summer art festivals and other exhibitions throughout the year. While I’ve moved my presentation and marketing efforts online, I’m still active with my own photography work, as well as helping artists and businesses with art reproduction, digital restoration, and graphic design projects.

Read more about me and my goal at Back Cove Studio.

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Client Work

• Fine Art Reproduction & Digital Restoration Portfolio

• Tabletop Product Photography Portfolio

• Graphic Design: Archival Inkjet Printing Portfolio

Photo Journal

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